Hotel Pillow Menu

Pillow Menu

In celebration of our ‘Hotel At Home’ campaign, we’ve created our very own ‘Hotel of Soak&Sleep - Pillow Menu’. Many hotels around the world are starting to include pillow menus in rooms to cater for individual needs, and as a way to help indulge their guests whilst, they enjoy their stay. 


The Hotel of Soak&Sleep prides itself on making your visit an enjoyable and memorable experience - every time. We understand that everyone’s different, which is why we provide an extensive range of pillows to suit your individual needs and preferences. If the current pillows on your bed are not satisfactory, then please select one from your personal menu below. We hope you enjoy your perfect night’s sleep. 


Our Hotel Top Picks:


Ultimate 90% Hungarian Goose Down Pillows 

Suit your preferred sleeping position with our best-selling Ultimate Hungarian Goose Down chamber pillow. 90% of it is filled with lightweight, ultimate Hungarian Goose Down, while the other 10% will have you firmly supported with our authentic Hungarian goose feathers. 


Ultimate Microfibre with Silk Pillows

This is as dreamy as it sounds. Filled with light, squidgy, quality microfibre and silk this pillow has distinctive cooling, breathable properties that make it an affordable luxury for bedtime bliss.


Supreme 100% Canadian Goose Down Pillows 

Crafted with our finest premium Canadian Hutterite Goose down, these pillows have incredible loft and lightness and they’ll soon send you off to dreamland. If you’ve recently been feeling worked up and stressed, then these pillows are the perfect indulgence to treat yourself late at night.


Our other Hotel Essentials:


Cooling Chamber Pillow - Medium/Firm

To help compliment our ‘Memory Foam’ cushioned mattress, we’ve carefully dreamt up with this ‘Cooling Chamber’ pillow. Specifically designed to help keep you cool throughout the hot summer nights, this tasty pillow will also encourage you to keep good head and neck alignment.


Luxury New Zealand Wool Pillows 

If you're more of a front or side sleeper and prefer a sturdy pillow, then you’ll certainly thank us later for this comfortable New Zealand wool-filled pillow. Firm and breathable, wool is perfect for making pillows supportive yet delectable.


Ultimate 80% Goose Down Pillows 

There’s no greater tonic than a good nights sleep, and that’s exactly why we want to introduce you to our Pure White Goose Down pillows. These pillows are an excellent, affordable choice for someone that wants a competitive alternative to our Hungarian and Canadian Goose Down choices.


Supremely Soft As Down Pillows

Layed in a marshmallow-soft/medium fill, we make this Supremely Soft as Down pillows with a secret recipe of microfibre clusters. This pillow comes in two firmnesses - a soft/medium non-chamber for front sleepers, and a medium/firm chamber pillow option for those after a bit more support. They are just the thing for if feathers aren’t your kind of dessert.


Duck Feather & Down Pillows

A Soak&Sleep classic, these feather pillows are amazing for nestling your head into at bedtime. The two profiles cater for all types of sleepers, with an 85% supportive feather filling and a generous 15% of down that’s ever so soft and warm to snuggle into, most people can not resist.


Luxury Body Pillow with Pillowcase

Who said pillows were served best just for your head? They can also be a multi-purpose, versatile dream when you're not just looking to support your head. If you're still suffering from pains, then put your mind at ease with this miracle-working pillow, to help alleviate and solves all your issues. 


Luxury Cotton Pillows

For the people who get a little hot and bothered at night, try out our naturally filled Cotton pillow. The unique properties make it perfect for warmer weather, serving perfectly for those who want to sleep blissfully at night.


Luxury Pure Silk Pillows

Make bedtime a treat when you tuck into our 100% Tussah pure silk pillows. For all the sleeping beauty’s out there, these pillows are wonderfully supportive, cooling and even naturally anti-bacterial. Win your sleep back today with our luxurious pure silk pillow.

Please contact the Concierge, who will be pleased to provide you with your personal pillow choice. Otherwise, head over to our website to find out more...